The Water Services Corporation is the Public Entity responsible for the complete drinking and waste water cycle in the Maltese Islands. The WSC produces and distributes potable water and collects and treats the wastewater of over 250,000 households, businesses, industries, hotels, etc. serving over 420,000 people.

The WSC operates reverse osmosis, sewage treatment and polishing plants, pumping stations, reservoirs and boreholes all over the country. The Corporation is also at the forefront of leakage detection and water re-use technologies.

The Corporation is acutely aware of the importance of environmental protection. In both our strategy, as well as in our day-to-day operations, we opt for environment-friendly services, supplies and practices such as using recycled paper and waste sorting. All our capital projects such as the upgrading of the reverse osmosis plants and the building of three new wastewater treatment plants are designed to incorporate the latest technologies that use the least resources.

Apart from supporting initiatives that raise awareness of environmental issues, we are also spearheading a revolution in the way Maltese agriculture and industry can access pure, high-quality recycled water, thereby lessening the pressure on our aquifer.