The Water Services Corporation is pleased to announce that it has published four other tenders forming part of a multimillion Euro investment intended to upgrade and modernise its infrastructure.


Expansion of New Water Infrastructure


One of the issued tenders involves the roofing over of existing open reservoirs and the construction of ancillary structures at San Leonardo, Haz Zabbar; Tal-Hofra, Xghajra; Tas-Silg, Marsaxlokk; Habel L-Abjad, Zejtun; and Tal-Bidni, Marsascala. This project is in preparation for the expansion of new water supply to the South of Malta, which water is of very high quality and is proving very popular for irrigation use.  This project will be led by the Water Services Corporation and may be co-financed through EAFRD funds.


San Anard Reservoir
Xghajra Reservoir


Modernising and Upgrading the Current Wastewater Collection in terms of Capacity, Overall Efficiency, Monitoring and Control


The three other tenders are part of the Corporation’s ‘Net Zero Impact Utility’ project and include aspects of critical infrastructural importance.

A crucial sewage network upgrade will be undertaken in the Marsa Racecourse area. This project focuses on restoring and upgrading the capacity of a critical node in the sewage network. This will not only improve the efficiency of the system but will also eliminate overflows through the installation of a new 1 m diameter sewer pipe over a stretch of 1 KM. This main will service wastewater from the North West area of the island. Another project will be undertaken in Marsaskala, Zonqor area. This will upgrade the capacity of the system and will also eliminate overflows.

To complement these and other future sewage upgrades the Corporation is also in the process of revolutionising its sewage monitoring and control capabilities with a strong investment in online sewer monitoring stations. 39 distinct monitoring stations will be placed throughout the sewage network and will monitor wastewater catchment areas on a live basis. The monitoring stations will include different sensors placed within a secure enclosure and each station will be equipped with refrigerated auto-samplers which will automatically collect samples when alarms are triggered. These alarms will notify WSC’s Central Control Room and will give the Corporation the possibility to act accordingly without delay. The system will also lead to more advanced analysis at the Corporation’s Laboratories in order to better identify polluters.

These 3 projects will be led by the Water Services Corporation and may be co-financed through Cohesion funds.

CEO Richard Bilocca stated that, ‘These projects are intended to continue sustain and modernise Malta’s infrastructure, which infrastructure also need the support of the public, especially through the proper use of the sewers.”

The calls for offers for these works close in the coming weeks and documents are available on 


The Corporation reiterates that the sewage infrastructure is very complex and delicate and that such infrastructure is damaged through the improper use of the urban sewer system. It is therefore very important that only human toilet waste and degradable toilet paper are discharged in the system. Any suspected foul play or problems with the sewer can be reported to the Corporation on Freephone: 8007 6400; Email:; Website live chat:; or through our social media.

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