The months covered by this annual report have seen the Water Services Corporation continue in its efforts to fulfil its mission statement within the policy parameters set out by the Government and the Board of Directors.




It is my pleasure to be writing this very first address in our Annual Report since being appointed Executive Chairman of the Water Services Corporation. My first thoughts were how to implement the values I believe in so that the WSC could become even better.  




This was another significant year for the Water Services Corporation. In fact 2011 has seen the corporation consolidate its operations, strengthen its infrastructure and maintain its promise of delivering its services in an efficient way.  




Welcome to the Water Services Corporation's eighteenth Annual Report. In it you will find a detailed overview of the WSC's general activities as well as the technical and non-technical operations for the period 2009-2010. This report also features the final audited accounts for the financial year.




One of the main focuses for 2009 was the restructuring of our Internal Audit through the active participation of the Audit Committee. Risk assessments concentrated on both financial and operational aspects. This was done not only to ensure that an objective evaluation of the Corporation was carried out, but also to ensure more transparency in Corporate Governance.


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It is my pleasure as the new Chairman to present the 16th annual report of the Water Services Corporation. This privilege was made possible following a smooth transition from my predecessor Mr Michael Falzon.



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