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NRW Conference Presentations

Presentations shown during the non-Revenue Water Conference

WSC Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan 2012 - 2016 outlining WSC's vision. 

Customer Contract

Customer Contract

Your Partner Brochure

The destination Services section of the Water Services Corporation is responsible for the three Reverse Osmosis plants in Malta that produce pure drinking water from seawater. These three plants are part of a long tradition of sea water desalination in Malta

Infra Brochure

What is Raw Sewage and why is it a problem?

Raw sewage is mostly water that has been used by humans for domestic washing, toilets, personal hygiene, farming, industry and others. When it is discharged into the sea without being treated it stresses the environment.

Barkat Brochure

Water Services Corporation - Brochure

The Water Services Corporation produces and distributes nearly 31 million cubic meters of potable water per annum along a 2,100 kilometer network, to 142,000 service connections and over 400,000 people throughout the Maltese Islands.