Closed Tenders

REF. No. Tender Title Date Available
CT/WSC/T/51/2010 Period contract for the supply of polyethylene pipes 23-Nov-2010 to 25-Jan-2011
CT/WSC/T/8/2011 Ductile iron pipes to EN545 8-Feb-2011 to 5-Apr-2011
WSC/T/44/2011 Plastic stopcock surface boxes (blue) 19-Jul-2011 to 6-Oct-2011
WSC/T/50/2011 FRP floor gratings 5-Aug-2011 to 26-Sep-2011
WSC/T/64/2011 Plastic fittings for polyethylene pipes 7-Oct-2011 to 7-Nov-2011
ARMS/T/70/2011 Window envelopes for automailer 25-Oct-2011 to 28-Nov-2011
CT/WSC/T/69/2011 3 brand new high-pressure jetting-suction bowsers 28-Oct-2011 to 10-Jan-2012
WSC/T/74/2011 Proposed connection from pump room to reservoir and cleaning/rendering of Schinas reservoir, Luqa 4-Nov-2011 to 2-Dec-2011
WSC/T/75/2011 Period contract for the supply of sweat shirts 8-Nov-2011 to 7-Dec-2011
WSC/T/78/2011 Bolts, nuts and washers 18-Nov-2011 to 19-Dec-2011
WSC/T/77/2011 Detectable warning tape 18-Nov-2011 to 19-Dec-2011
WSC/T/79/2011 Supply of gunmetal tapping ferrules for water service connection 22-Nov-2011 to 21-Dec-2011
WSC/T/81/2011 Stainless steel fittings for meter manifolds 25-Nov-2011 to 16-Jan-2012
WSC/T/82/2011 Gunmetal banjoes 25-Nov-2011 to 16-Jan-2012
WSC/T/84/2011 Portable ventilation equipment 2-Dec-2011 to 25-Jan-2012
WSC/T/85/2011 Submersible pumps for use in seawater reverse osmosis plants 20-Dec-2011 to 25-Jan-2012
WSC/T/86/2011 Uniforms (blazers, trousers, waistcoats, skirts) 23-Dec-2011 to 30-Jan-2012
WSC/T/87/2011 Rotary evaporator with vacuum system 27-Dec-2011 to 27-Jan-2012
WSC/T/1/2012 Grit blasting services 6-Jan-2012 to 3-Feb-2012
WSC/T/2/2012 Sale 'tale quale' of unserviceable meters 6-Jan-2012 to 1-Feb-2012
WSC/T/3/2012 Thin clients 6-Jan-2012 to 6-Feb-2012
WSC/T/4/2012 Electromagnetic flow meters 13-Jan-2012 to 13-Feb-2012
WSC/T/5/2012 Ground investigation through vertical core samples 17-Jan-2012 to 22-Feb-2012
WSC/T/6/2012 Lubricating oils to SWWTP 20-Jan-2012 to 20-Feb-2012
WSC/T/7/2012 Platform lift truck (used) 24-Jan-2012 to 2-Mar-2012
WSC/T/9/2012 Period contract for the hire of telescopic crane/s 3-Feb-2012 to 5-Mar-2012
WSC/T/10/2012 Liquid anti-scalant for the Gozo Polishing Plant 7-Feb-2012 to 14-Mar-2012
WSC/T/11/2012 Period contract for the supply and delivery of hard stone sand in bags 9-Feb-2012 to 9-Mar-2012
WSC/T/12/2012 Check valves for waste water applications 14-Feb-2012 to 12-Mar-2012
WSC/T/13/2012 Decommissioning of Wied Ghammieq Pumping Station and landscaping works 17-Feb-2012 to 16-Mar-2012
WSC/T/14/2012 Provision of engineering support for the installation of meters on boreholes 17-Feb-2012 to 14-Mar-2012
WSC/T/17/2012 Upgrade of existing Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 to 2010 21-Feb-2012 to 16-Mar-2012
WSC/T/18/2012 Period contract for the supply and fitting of tyres on WSC vehicles (cars, vans and light trucks) 24-Feb-2012 to 23-Mar-2012
WSC/T/19/2012 uPVC pipes 6-Mar-2012 to 4-Apr-2012
WSC/T/22/2012 Rubberized bitumen emulsion 9-Mar-2012 to 23-Apr-2012
WSC/T/20/2012 Wireless CISCO Aironet 1310 Outdoor AP/BR and ancillaries 9-Mar-2012 to 2-Apr-2012
WSC/T/21/2012 Security seals 9-Mar-2012 to 9-May-2012
WSC/T/23/2012 Hire of a backactor 13-Mar-2012 to 13-Apr-2012
WSC/T/24/2012 Banjos for water service ferrule connection 13-Mar-2012 to 16-Apr-2012
CT/WSC/T/25/2012 Contract for the execution of minor pipe and road works 27-Mar-2012 to 8-May-2012
WSC/T/26/2012 Couplings and flange adaptors (period contract) 3-Apr-2012 to 4-May-2012
WSC/T/27/2012 Hire of jetting-suction bowser for waste water treament plants at Ta' Barkat, Xghajra and Ic-Cumnija, Mellieha 5-Apr-2012 to 9-May-2012
WSC/T/28/2012 Renovation of nissen hut at Ta' Qali Pumping Station, Attard 10-Apr-2012 to 14-May-2012
WSC/T/30/2012 Stainless steel pipes and pipe fittings for North Sewage Treatment Plant, ic-Cumnija, Mellieha 13-Apr-2012 to 4-May-2012
WSC/T/31/2012 Single core XLPE insulated non-armoured cables for the North Sewage Treatment Plant 13-Apr-2012 to 2-May-2012
WSC/T/32/2012 Construction of concrete floor for blowers at North Sewage Treatment Plant 20-Apr-2012 to 14-May-2012
WSC/T/33/2012 Decommissioning of Wied Ghammieq Pumping Station and landscaping works 20-Apr-2012 to 11-May-2012
WSC/T/34/2012 Winding wire for surface and submersible motors 24-Apr-2012 to 16-May-2012
WSC/T/35/2012 Period contract for the provision of fibre glass reinforced plastic (FRP) pipes, fittings and wrapping services 27-Apr-2012 to 23-May-2012
WSC/T/36/2012 Supply of concrete sinkers for submarine pipeline 27-Apr-2012 to 25-May-2012
WSC/T/39/2012 Supply of ductile iron manhole covers 900mm x 900mm 4-May-2012 to 30-May-2012
WSC/T/40/2012 Supply of 4-core flexible rubber insulated cables 4-May-2012 to 4-Jun-2012
WSC/T/41/2012 Supply of WLAN controller, APs and ancillaries 11-May-2012 to 1-Jun-2012
WSC/T/42/2012 Supply, installation and commissioning of an air conditioning system at the Water Services Corporation, Luqa Main Office Building 15-May-2012 to 6-Jun-2012
WSC/T/38/2012 Period contract for the supply of nickel-iron welding electrodes 18-May-2012 to 11-Jun-2012
WSC/T/43/2012 Supply of detectable warning tape 18-May-2012 to 13-Jun-2012
WSC/T/44/2012 Proposed connection from pump room to reservoir and cleaning / rendering of Schinas Reservoir, Luqa 18-May-2012 to 15-Jun-2012
WSC/T/45/2012 Supply, delivery & commissioning of waste water pump soft starters 22-May-2012 to 28-Jun-2012
WSC/T/46/2012 Supply of 20mm bends for use with polyethylene pipes 25-May-2012 to 18-Jun-2012
WSC/T/47/2012 Supply and delivery of plastic fittings for polyethylene pipes 25-May-2012 to 20-Jun-2012
WSC/T/48/2012 Supply and delivery of office furniture 25-May-2012 to 8-Jun-2012
WSC/T/49/2012 Supply, delivery and installation of non-metallic pipework for Schinas Pumping Station 25-May-2012 to 22-Jun-2012
WSC/T/50/2012 Supply and delivery of stopcocks, brass, crutch handle 29-May-2012 to 25-Jun-2012
WSC/T/51/2012 Supply and delivery of plastic stopcock surface boxes 29-May-2012 to 18-Jun-2012
WSC/T/52/2012 Supply and delivery of drill taps 29-May-2012 to 25-Jun-2012
WSC/T/53/2012 Supply, delivery and commissioning of variable speed drives 29-May-2012 to 27-Jun-2012
WSC/T/54/2012 Supply and delivery of self-tapping ferrule straps 1-Jun-2012 to 27-Jun-2012
WSC/T/55/2012 Drilling of two vertical manhole shafts on the existing sewer gallery at Fgura 1-Jun-2012 to 26-Jun-2012
WSC/T/56/2012 Supply and delivery of repair clamps for metric ductile iron and imperial cast iron pipes 1-Jun-2012 to 2-Jul-2012
WSC/T/57/2012 Surveying and maintenance of submarine pipelines 5-Jun-2012 to 4-Jul-2012
WSC/T/58/2012 Internal lining to waste containers at waste water treatment plants 8-Jun-2012 to 6-Jul-2012
WSC/T/63/2012 Supply and delivery of FRP floor grating for WSC reverse osmosis plants 10-Jul-2012 to 22-Aug-2012
WSC/T/64/2012 Supply and delivery of security seals and sealing wire 10-Jul-2012 to 8-Aug-2012
CT/WSC/T/61/2012 Supply of ferric chloride solution for waste water treatment plants 17-Jul-2012 to 11-Sep-2012
WSC/T/65/2012 Supply and delivery of tapping ferrules 17-Jul-2012 to 13-Aug-2012
WSC/T/66/2012 Supply & delivery of HP LeftHand Storage Area Network 17-Jul-2012 to 17-Aug-2012
WSC/T/67/2012 Supply and commissioning of electrical equipment for Gzira Waste Water Pumping Station 20-Jul-2012 to 27-Aug-2012
WSC/T/68/2012 Water meter and RF module installation services 27-Jul-2012 to 17-Aug-2012
WSC/T/69/2012 Supply and delivery of water stills 27-Jul-2012 to 7-Sep-2012
WSC/T/8/2012 Sale 'tale quale' of scrapped vehicle and equipment 3-Aug-2012 to 14-Sep-2012
WSC/T/71/2012 Supply and delivery of gunmetal banjos for water service ferrule connection 7-Aug-2012 to 17-Sep-2012
WSC/T/72/2012 Construction of a common cesspit at Zebbug Road, Rabat 14-Aug-2012 to 26-Sep-2012
WSC/T/73/2012 Provision of engineering support for the installation of meters on private boreholes 28-Aug-2012 to 10-Sep-2012
WSC/T/74/2012 Surveying and maintenance of submarine pipelines 28-Aug-2012 to 10-Sep-2012
CT/WSC/T/60/2012 Framework contract for the supply of resilient type gate valves 31-Aug-2012 to 23-Oct-2012
WSC/T/77/2012 Supply and delivery of bolts, nuts and washers 7-Sep-2012 to 3-Oct-2012
WSC/T/78/2012 Supply and delivery of stainless steel repair clamps, 63mm 11-Sep-2012 to 10-Oct-2012
WSC/T/79/2012 Disposal of de-watered sludge (RORO skips) from the Gozo wastewater treatment plant 12-Sep-2012 to 5-Oct-2012
WSC/T/80/2012 Provision of cesspit emptying services 18-Sep-2012 to 17-Oct-2012
WSC/T/81/2012 Supply and delivery of stainless steel lug and check valves 25-Sep-2012 to 24-Oct-2012
WSC/T/82/2012 Water meter and RF module installation services 2-Oct-2012 to 19-Oct-2012
WSC/T/83/2012 Hire of jetting-suction bowsers for Water Services Corporation, Malta 5-Oct-2012 to 22-Oct-2012
WSC/T/84/2012 Supply and delivery of electrically actuated stainless steel control valves 5-Oct-2012 to 31-Oct-2012
WSC/T/85/2012 Internal lining to waste containers at wastewater treatment plants 9-Oct-2012 to 7-Nov-2012
WSC/T/86/2012 Supply and delivery of 4-core XLPE inuslated armoured cables 16-Oct-2012 to 14-Nov-2012
WSC/T/87/2012 Supply, delivery and commissioning of electrical panels and variable frequency drives 16-Oct-2012 to 14-Nov-2012
WSC/T/88/2012 Construction of a water pump test pit at Water Services Corporation, Kordin 19-Oct-2012 to 16-Nov-2012
WSC/T/89/2012 Supply of Microsoft Office licences 19-Oct-2012 to 26-Nov-2012
WSC/T/90/2012 Supply and delivery of an enclosed container for de-watered sludge 30-Oct-2012 to 28-Nov-2012
WSC/T/91/2012 Inflatable sealing plugs for waste water applications 6-Nov-2012 to 3-Dec-2012
WSC/T/92/2012 CISCO network equipment 9-Nov-2012 to 7-Dec-2012
WSC/T/93/2012 Framework contract for the supply IT-related consumables 9-Nov-2012 to 5-Dec-2012
WSC/T/95/2012 Stainless steel fittings for meter manifolds 4-Dec-2012 to 9-Jan-2013
WSC/T/98/2012 Spare parts for FLYGT pumps 4-Dec-2012 to 4-Jan-2013
WSC/T/100/2012 Supply of plastic fittings for polyethylene pipes 7-Dec-2012 to 11-Jan-2013
WSC/T/101/2012 Supply of tapping ferrules for water service connection 7-Dec-2012 to 11-Jan-2013
WSC/T/96/2012 Bolts, nuts and washers 7-Dec-2012 to 9-Jan-2013
WSC/T/99/2012 Supply of couplings 300mm/12" for ductile iron and imperial cast iron pipes 7-Dec-2012 to 9-Jan-2013
WSC/T/102/2012 Provision of skip service in an enviornmentally friendly manner 14-Dec-2012 to 14-Jan-2013
WSC/T/103/2012 Supply and installation of a biogas flame burner 14-Dec-2012 to 30-Jan-2013
WSC/T/104/2012 Analytical testing of potable water samples 21-Dec-2012 to 21-Jan-2013
WSC/T/105/2012 Supply of manhole covers and frames 600mm x 900mm 28-Dec-2012 to 28-Jan-2013
WSC/T/106/2012 Supply of repair clamps for metric ductile iron & imperial cast iron pipes 28-Dec-2012 to 30-Jan-2013
WSC/T/1/2013 Detectable warning tape 4-Jan-2013 to 4-Feb-2013
WSC/T/2/2013 Surface boxes for sluice valves 4-Jan-2013 to 6-Feb-2013
WSC/T/3/2013 Plastic stopcock surface boxes (blue) 4-Jan-2013 to 8-Feb-2013
WSC/T/4/2013 Submersible motors 8-Jan-2013 to 11-Feb-2013
WSC/T/6/2013 Chlorine for Reverse Osmosis Plants 11-Jan-2013 to 13-Feb-2013
WSC/T/7/2013 Turbidity instruments 22-Jan-2013 to 22-Feb-2013
WSC/T/12/2013 SPARE PARTS FOR FLYGT PUMPS 12-Mar-2013 to 1-Apr-2013