Water meters are mechanical devices that wear with usage and age. The WSC Metering Section has a proactive replacement program for water meters which are nearing the end of their useful life. It’s an ongoing program that ensures that the customer’s water meter readings (and your bills) remain as accurate as possible. Furthermore, smart water meters improve the efficiency of the meter reading process through the installation of new radio frequency meters. When the installation process is complete, the need for staff to enter homes/businesses and properties to obtain meter readings will be minimised. Additionally, WSC customers can expect greater access to their water usage data throughout a billing period, allowing customers to monitor high use, identify potential water leaks, as well as enhancing water conservation efforts.


Water meter replacement depends on the specifications of the individual meter, which are regulated by the Measuring Instruments Directive 2014/32/EU. So, it is normal that your meter may in fact be replaced but the meter belonging to your neighbour may not be. Likewise, your water meter may be replaced if it is due and is currently placed in an area with other meters (such as an apartment block utility box/room) for which a meter replacement request has been submitted by another tenant.


Proactive water meter replacement work is fully funded by WSC at no additional charge or cost to you. However, fees can apply if you have requested to have your meter replaced because you believe it may be damaged or faulty.


Meter replacement work is undertaken by trained technicians authorised by WSC. They can be identified by ID cards, vehicle signage and/or high-visibility uniforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the meter replacement process?

    The water supply to your property will be temporarily stopped to enable the technician to replace the meter, before re-establishing water supply to the property. The duration of the water interruption will be minimised as much as possible but is normally between 15 and 60 minutes long.

    The new meter will generally be placed in the same position as your old meter unless it is deemed suitable to be moved outside of the property boundary and/or installed in a specific utility box following communication with you (the customer).

    A small area around the meter may be disturbed during the replacement. Wherever possible, the technician will clean up any debris produced during the works.

    When finished, the technician will leave a job sheet in your letterbox or affixed to your water meter.

  • Do I need to do anything if my water meter is replaced?

    You don't need to be at home while the replacement works are happening, but you may be asked to turn water appliances off before your supply is stopped.

    The replacement may take longer if you have a large meter (such as in the case of hotels or factories), but the technician will work with you to manage a mutually convenient time for the work to be done.

  • How do I know the meter reading on my bill will be correct?

    When the water meter is replaced the technician records the final reading of the old meter on the job sheet. This is checked again against the actual meter to confirm the accuracy and a photo of the old meter is also taken and stored at our end. We recommend you keep your copy of the job sheet for reference, to cross-check against your next ARMS bill.

  • Will extra space be needed for my water meter to be replaced?

    The WSC recommends the following minimum spatial dimensions for a typical water meter installation in a household or a small office/shop:
    meter dimensions

    Additional space will be needed when your water meter is installed in a block of apartments with multiple other meters – thereby necessitating the installation of a dedicated large service pipe and manifold. Furthermore, should you wish to install a shut-off valve or water tap in the vicinity of the water meter, additional space needs to be allocated accordingly.