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Tender Ref Tender Title Closing Date
CT2161/2018 Supply and Delivery of DN15, Class 2 Meters for Potable Cold Water for the Water Services Corporation  18/10/18
CT3174/2018 Supply and Delivery of Purple Coloured DI Pipelines EN545 for Main New Water Project (South and Gozo)  16/10/18
WSC/T/95/2018 Supply and Delivery of a Sulphuric Acid Tank for Pembroke Reverse Osmosis Plant for the WSC 12/10/18
WSC/Q/52/2018 Framework Agreement for the Supply and Delivery of Brackets to support Plastic Manifolds for the WSC 02/10/18
WSC/Q/51/2018 Supply and Delivery of 3 Wire Butt Connectors for the WSC 25/09/18
WSC/T/93/2018 Crossing of a Sewer Main from Trejqet ta’ Mazza through Agricultural land to Triq Villabate, Zabbar, by the WSC 11/10/18
WSC/T/94/2018 Supply and Delivery of Glass Reinforced Polyester (GRP) Cable Trays for the Wastewater Treatment Plants of the WSC 10/10/18
WSC/T/90/2018 Supply and Delivery of New Electric Forklift Trucks For the WSC 05/10/18
WSC/T/92/2018 Tender for the acceptance and disposal of Construction and Demolition Waste including Tipping Cost for the WSC 05/10/18
WSC/T/91/2018 Supply and Delivery of Uniforms with a low level of Toxic Substances for the Regions, Treatment Plants and Reverse Osmosis Plants of the WSC 05/10/18
WSC/T/89/2018 Supply and Delivery of Dual Body Air-Valves and accessories to the WSC 28/09/2018
WSC/T/88/2018 Sale of unserviceable Water Meters by the WSC 28/09/2018
WSC/T/87/2018 Framework agreement for the Supply and Delivery of Liquid Chlorine for the RO Plants of the WSC 27/09/2018
WSC/T/86/2018 Construction of Sewage Pumping Station at Sa Maison and Triq ix-Xatt, Pieta for the WSC 27/09/2018
WSC/T/85/2018 Extension of Sewer and Water Mains at Triq it-Terrazzin, Bahar ic-Caghaq for the WSC 24/09/2018
WSC/T/84/2018 Supply and Delivery of Seawater RO Membranes through a Direct Order for the Water Services Corporation 24/09/2018
WSC/T/83/2018 Drilling of Vertical Shaft and connection to existing HDPE Pipe at Mizieb (limits of Mellieha) for the WSC 25/09/2018
WSC/T/81/2018 Construction of Monitoring Stations Infrastructure for the WSC 03/10/2018
WSC/T/80/2018 Supply and Delivery of Electrical Equipment for Waste Water Pumping Stations of the Water Services Corporation 26/09/2018
WSC/Q/48/2018 Supply and Delivery of Cylindrical Portable Wastewater auto samplers for the Water Services Corporation 19/09/2018
CT3130/2018 Tender for the Retrofit of the Sant Antnin Wastewater Treatment Plant  27/09/2018
CT3151/2018 Design and Build, Test and Commission, RO Plant at Hondoq ir-Rummien, Limits of Qala, Gozo – Water Services Corporation 18/09/2018