Posts of Laboratory Technicians, at the Laboratory, Institute of Water Technology and Quality

Vacancy No 343162                   Jobsplus permit number 650/2018.


The Applicant must be in possession of:

An MCAST MQF Level 4 Diploma in Applied Science or 3 A Levels which include Chemistry and Biology or an A Level in Biology and Chemistry and 2 other subjects at intermediate level or a Laboratory Technicians’ course organised by the IWT together with a 3 year work experience in a laboratory.  A driving licence will be considered an asset. 


Basic Functions:

  • To assist in developing the IWT laboratory as a centre of excellence that meets its clients needs in a cooperative atmosphere.
  • To contribute to the overall objectives of the IWT in line with the statement and mission of the Water Services Corporation.


Position Objectives:

  • To perform chemical and bacteriological analytical tests in line with the sampling programmes being followed.
  • To assist Scientists in research, marketing and training activities being carried out at the Laboratory.



  • To perform and ensure that sampling is carried out according to the Standard Operating Procedures and in line with the sampling programme as defined by senior laboratory management.
  • To carry out duties in the field and to carry out certain tests and measurements in the field as directed and according to the relevant Standard Operating Procedures and Work Instructions.
  • To register samples.
  • To test chemical and bacteriological parameters in samples according to the Standard Operating Procedures and as directed by senior laboratory staff.
  • To record and calculate results.
  • To prepare and test reagents, media, standards and other solutions as required and as directed in the relevant Standard Operating Procedures and to update the relevant records and forms.
  • To operate, calibrate and maintain laboratory apparatus in the appropriate condition as instructed in the relevant Work Instructions and Standard Operating Procedures and to update their records.
  • To maintain all necessary records, forms, registers and other laboratory documentation as deemed necessary by senior laboratory staff.
  • To monitor and maintain stock levels of laboratory items and consumables.
  • To assist the Laboratory Scientists in special investigations and research projects and to participate actively in the running of the Laboratory.
  • To assist in training of minor staff.
  • To undergo any kind of training related to his/her work either that organized by the Laboratory or IWT or by any other external institution.
  • For the practice of Good Laboratory Practice at all times and for the abidance with all established Health and Safety criteria.
  • To perform other Laboratory related work including the work of Assistant Laboratory Technician as may be necessary and as instructed by the Laboratory Manager or the Director of IWT and which might include driving a vehicle.
  • For the taking due care and diligence in carrying out the duties and in using the entrusted equipment.
  • To follow an approved IWT dress code(uniform).
  • For the examplary behaviour which includes abidance by the rules and regulations of the Laboratory and the IWT.




  • Responsible to the Laboratory Manager
  • Reports to the Laboratory Manager/ Scientist/ Senior Laboratory Technician.
  • Interacts with the other personnel of the Laboratory and the Institute of Water Technology.


Closing date: 12/12/18

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Post of Architect – New Water & Technical Support Services

Vacancy No    341349                    Jobsplus permit number 558/2018.


The Applicant must be in possession of :

An Architect’s Warrant



To assist and participate in the preparation of policies, strategies, designs and procedures relevant to the architecture and civil engineering works related to water and wastewater operations in Malta and Gozo and ensure implementation thereof in a timely and efficient manner. 

Specifically, the job holder will be responsible for:

  • All necessary design, preparation works related to architecture and civil engineering works relevant to the water and wastewater network infrastructure including treatment plants.
  • The successful completion of all civil engineering works undertaken within the specific time frames and budgetary limits.
  • The day-to-day administration work related to the section
  • The operation and maintenance of the gravity and pressure sewer systems.
  • All necessary maintenance and repair activities, including assets and buildings of the water and waste water infrastructure.
  • To control the quality of water and wastewater in the network infrastructure




To co-operate with other Corporation units to strike the most cost-effective balance between self-sufficiency on the one hand and centralisation of services and the degree of support required on the other.

To co-operate and liaise, as directed, with other organisations relevant to the work of the section and with the other units of the Corporation.

To ensure that all plants, buildings and other assets of the corporation under its control are properly installed, maintained and kept in good order and to undertake programmes of the refurbishment of those assets which had fallen in disrepair, or are otherwise not suitable for present-day use.

To identify how assets (plant and building) can be more profitably employed

To utilize Corporation’s assets and capabilities to undertake work for third parties

To liaise with Local Councils in matters of common interest

To be conscious of the traditions of water and wastewater management in the Maltese Islands, and to safeguard old plant/assets which form part of the national heritage.

To provide data and information and to participate as required in future programmes of water and wastewater quality improvements, including the design and construction of the water and wastewater network infrastructure and treatment plants.

To develop a productive workforce that has the most interest and pride in accomplishing the above, and that is conscious of work ethics and the importance of health and safety

To ensure the proper conduct of the affairs of the section, including budget preparation and budgetary control.

To run the Section in the most cost-effective manner possible, constantly scrutinising activity costs and asset utilisation to identify possible savings.

To promote and participate in water and wastewater environmental protection programmes, and participate in developing applicable policies.

To develop and maintain constantly improving relationships with customers and third parties, develop a spirit of service to the community in all the activities of the Section

To develop a culture of customer service throughout the Section and to develop and maintain constantly improving relationships with customers and third parties as far as the activities of the Section is concerned

To participate actively in the investigation, training and consultancy efforts of the Corporation as undertaken by the Section and the IWT

To make the most efficient use of available resources to achieve the above




To manage and direct the activities of the staff of the Section to meet its objectives and targets in terms of performance, attendance, discipline, quality and customer relations.

To coordinate and develop policies, procedures and strategies required for the effective and efficient running of the section.

To participate in the preparation of annual work programmes and budgets of the Section, and to carry out the necessary budgetary control.

To authorise capital and recurrent expenditure for the Section as in its Budget according to cost-effective criteria.

To report to the Executive Director – New Water and TSS

To prepare monthly management reports to the Executive Director – New Water and TSS

To monitor the achievement or otherwise of the Section’s “measures of performance” and work programmes and initiate necessary action to achieve the required performance.

To follow Professional Development Programmes prescribed by the IWT

To carry out any other duty as may reasonably be directed by the Executive Director – New Water and TSS


Closing date: 06/12/18

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