2019 was yet another year during which the Water Services Corporation, surpassing expectations, satisfied an ever-growing demand.

The corporation has exceeded the €100M turnover mark! This in itself is a remarkable achievement, and is still more significant when the profits – three times the average value of the previous six years – are taken into account. The surplus we will now put to good use. We will reinvest in our network, as part of a continuous and committed drive to improve services. The rate of improvement too will be more rapid.


2020 will see the Corporation play an even greater part in conserving and guaranteeing Malta’s water resources. This is a mission to benefit not only ourselves but also future generations. We will therefore strive for better and still better results and efficiency. We will commit to quality, embrace innovation, and continue to lead in matters of water technology. The decisions we take will be based on evidence, and data and analysis will therefore be of crucial importance in our business model. Above all, we will continue to invest in our ‘recruit, reward and retain’ schemes, in the firm belief that our employees are our most valuable asset. They are the Corporation and the measure of its success.

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