Given the importance of water for public health, we are doing everything we can to maintain the water supply and protect customers. WSC will continue to provide clean, safe, reliable drinking water for everyone. 

Across the island, the WSC is working so that every single person across Malta and Gozo can continue to rely on our  water supply and sewerage service. We are working closely with our regulators and governments to ensure we continue to work to the most up-to-date information and guidance. 

On this page we attempt to answer some of the questions that customers might have in relation to water during the Covid-19 outbreak. We advise customers to continue to check our website and socials for the latest advice as we will update this guidance as new information becomes available. 


Contacting WSC

Please be aware that sometimes our phone lines could get busy with longer than usual waiting times. 

Where possible please try online options – through our website, email or social media. Many of these channels will be able to help with queries, leaving phone lines free for urgent enquiries. 

For water suspensions queries we kindly urge you to make use of our online map with updated water cuts locations at


Your water supply 

The WSC is working hard to ensure customers continue to enjoy the same world class water and sewerage service they expect. 

And in case you were wondering, your tap water remains perfectly safe to drink and there is no risk of contracting the virus through it.  


Home visits 

Our staff are continuing to work on our networks, but they are limiting direct contact with customers unless it’s an emergency. They will be taking the necessary precautions for those people who are self-isolating if they do need to visit them.  Our priority is to keep customers and colleagues safe.  


What you can do 

While we appreciate that some people have been struggling to find toilet paper due to panic-buying we are asking customers not to flush kitchen roll or wet wipes down the toilet. 

Nothing should be flushed down the toilet apart from the 3 Ps – pee, poo and toilet paper. This is because the blockages caused by wipes and products like kitchen roll, which are not designed to be flushed, can lead to sewer flooding – with raw sewage flooding people’s kitchens and bathrooms.