When you turn your taps on, you can expect your water pressure to have enough force and volume to easily fill a kettle or bucket, for example. But if your water pressure has dropped so there’s only a trickle coming out of the tap, don’t panic.

  • Check with more than one of your neighbours to see if they are also affected.
  • Check your letter box in case we have sent you a notification to let you know we’re working on the water supply network in your area
  • Check on our website to see if there is an issue with the water network in your area
  • If you can’t see the issue listed within your area please call us on 8007 6400 (24-hours-a-day) or you can live chat with us between 7am-10pm, Monday to Sunday

Our promise to you

We provide water at a minimum pressure that should be ideal for day-to-day use. Your water pressure should be enough to fill a 4.5 litre container in 30 seconds.

This doesn’t apply if the drop in pressure is because of required work to resolve an emergency, such as a burst water main, planned works or problems in your own pipework.