Waste Carrier Operators (Bowsers)

Authorised Discharge Points (RTIP)

RTIPs are the officially authorised points of discharge to the public sewerage system allowed by the Corporation for liquid waste carriers. Currently, there are 3 official discharge points (RTIPs) in Malta; Ta’Qali, Zejtun, and Gudja.

Who can discharge into an RTIP?

Any mobile container (whether self-propelled or not) used to transport liquid waste which is registered with the Environment and Resource Authority in accordance with the Waste Management (Activity Registration) Regulations (S.L. 549.45). Un registered vehicles/containers are not permitted to discharge into RTIPs.

What can be discharged into an RTIP?

Registered waste carrier operators using these points are responsible to make sure that only wastewater complying with S.L. 545.08 is discharged to the sewer.

Types of wastewaters that are not allowed to be discharged to sewer:

•Farm/animal wastes (including manure);


•Caustic chemicals;

•Fats, oils & greases (in excess of 200 mg/L);

•Paint waste waters;

•Waste waters containing excessive amounts of solids (camura);

•Petroleum/oil-contaminated waters;

•Untreated wastewater from slaughterhouses;

•Highly saline waters (in excess of 1000 mg/L chloride);

•Any wastewaters containing animal by-products as stipulated in EC Regulation 1069/2009 or any subsequent regulations.;

In doubt? Contact DPU

If you need further information about discharge of wastewaters into the sewer, you can contact the Discharge Permit Unit by phone on 2244 3184 or by e-mail on wsc.dpu@wsc.com.mt