The Mgarr Pumping Station, overlooking Mgarr Harbour, is essentially an unused building which has fallen into a dilapidated state, as can be seen in the photos


This situation is clearly a waste of its potential, which is why the Corporation is endeavouring to put the building to good use, while maintaining its general outer structure as is.

The area the building is in is listed by the Planning Authority as an Entertainment Priority Area, which allows development permission for non-residential facilities, especially those tourism and leisure-related.

The Water Services Corporation aims to make the best use of its assets. This particular building, which we reiterate, is currently in a state of disuse – despite its obvious potential, given its location – is a case in point in terms of its potential to be transformed into something which would benefit the area and add to its general aesthetic appeal.

It is in this spirit that the Corporation applied for planning permission to refurbish the Pumping Station building in Mgarr. In other words, the current outside structure will remain as is, but it will be thoroughly renovated as befitting a building located in such a prominent site.

The Corporation is issuing a public call for tenders for the lease of the building, which will see all eligible bidders evaluated according to the applicable legal provisions.


The cafeteria in question is only part of what the building will be used for. Indeed, this building, once renovated, is envisaged to feature small-scale educational facilities, assembly and leisure areas (including possibly a library and a multipurpose hall), as well as catering areas. Moreover, the top floors of the building are planned to house office space, amongst other possible uses. In a nutshell, the cafeteria is one of the elements which will form part of an innovative concept to dedicate a small footprint of the building as a multi-use space which can be utilised for various purposes, including educational and social ones.

It goes without saying that all necessary studies related to the building’s rehabilitation and reuse, and any other connected factors (such as pedestrian and vehicular connections, accessibility, etc.), will be carried out. Moreover, it will be ensured that the building’s renovation complements the area it is located in.

WSC intends to carefully dismantle any machinery still in the pumping station, and to store this to be used and showcased in a separate location (a historical museum).

Our motivation behind this project is to convert what is basically a run-down building into one which provides added value to the community.

View from proposed cafeteria which can be utilised for various purposes, including educational and social ones.

View from proposed library / office space

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