In a move to combat water wastage, the Water Services Corporation (WSC) is launching a Pilot Project – A Free Water Tank Valve Upgrade Campaign exclusively for residents of Neighbourhood 1 in Santa Lucija. This pilot project aims to tackle the issue of household water loss, where approximately 500,000 litres of water are wasted each year due to leakages in the locality alone.

Recent statistics have shown that around 3,200 accounts across the island suffer from leakage issues, leading to significant water waste and increased utility costs for residents. WSC is already alerting customers about internal leakages through its data monitoring section assisted by AI and is now taking it a step further.

WSC is rolling out this targeted initiative in Santa Lucija as a pilot project, hoping to expand the programme based on its success and findings.

“By addressing leakages, we are not only safeguarding our water resources but also enhancing the daily lives of our citizens,” stated Karl Cilia, CEO of Water Services Corporation. “This pilot project in Santa Lucija is a crucial first step towards a broader application of these water-saving measures.”

Residents of Neighbourhood 1 in Santa Lucija are invited to participate in this campaign, which will provide them with a water tank valve of the latest technology, at no cost. This upgrade will help to significantly reduce the risk of water leakage, ensuring a more efficient and reliable water supply.


“Santa Lucija is taking a lead in environmental stewardship and community care. We are proud to be the first to benefit from such a green initiative,” said St. Lucija Mayor Charmaine St. John.


The residents of Neighbourhood 1 can sign up for the free upgrade by calling WSC at 8007 6400 or by filling out the online form provided on the WSC website. The corporation urges residents to act promptly as the initiative will initially target this specific area with potential plans for expansion.


For more information one can visit the dedicated webspace at


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