The aim of this booklet is to create a standardized work procedure on WSC works. It acts as a manual that provides detailed information on multiple pipe laying methods together with descriptions and quantitative formulas on quality testing procedures of the WSC infrastructure.This booklet will aid in providing longevity and prevent any damages that can occur to the WSC infrastructure during the implementation phase.


It is written in a manner that provides valuable details and guidance on WSC works to WSC personnel and other entities such as Local Councils, Infrastructure Malta, road construction contractors, or any other 3rd party that has an interest or investment in road construction/formation or infrastructure works.


It can be referred to by any person with multiple level of experience in pipelaying and infrastructure works. Thus, both the renowned, experienced contractor, and even the ‘start-up’ contractor that is new to such works, can refer to this booklet and use it as a reference guide both prior to the commencement of works and during ongoing works.